Boehner Promises Amnesty Bill, then Reelected Speaker

Daniel Horowitz Conservative Review 11/13/2014

It’s as if the November 4 elections never occurred.

Today, the new House membership met in a private conclave and reelected every one of their top leaders by voice vote. This includes John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Majority Leader, Steve Scalise (R-LA) as Majority Whip, and […]

George Soros Laments EU’s Demise, Projects his Fascism onto Sovereigntists

Don Hank Gulag Bound 6/4/2014

A few weeks ago, a geopolitical tectonic shift was announced in an interview between George Soros and Fareed Zakaria on CNN, and since I suspected that the vast majority of the audience had missed its import, I decided to alert my readers. George Soros, a geopolitical analyst whose opinion is […]

House Republicans, Reid to rubber-stamp Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

GOP Set to Fast-Track ‘New World Order’ Pact House Dems now last line of resistance to controversial trade agreement

Jerome R. Corsi WorldNetDaily 1/14/2014

NEW YORK – Republicans in the House are preparing to follow the lead of the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to rubber-stamp the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, the […]

The American ‘Homeland’ may not be what you thought it was

NSA’s ‘Homeland’ includes Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Central America

Josh Peterson The Daily Caller 8/2/2013

Americans now have responsibility for a bunch of new places they can’t find on a map.

It turns out that the National Security Agency considers Canada, Greenland, Mexico and parts of Central America as part of the U.S. “Homeland.”

During a […]

Global warming talks progress is 'slow but steady' – UN climate chief

UN’s Christiana Figueres thinks the world community is slowly inching its way toward a climate change agreement

Elizabeth Kolbert Yale Environment 360 The Guardian [UK] 21 November 2012

Few jobs on the international stage are more daunting than the one held by Christiana Figueres, the woman in charge of United Nations talks aimed at lowering […]

UN calls for ‘billionaires tax’ to help world’s poor

Jeff G. Protein Wisdom 7/7/2012

…The United Nations on Thursday called for a tax on billionaires to help raise more than $400 billion a year for poor countries…

…who are [the wealthy] to decide what it is they do with the money they’ve earned. That’s the kind of decision that should be left up to […]