College Conspiracy

National Inflation Association 5/14/2011

‘College Conspiracy’ is going to open up the minds of millions of students who have been brainwashed their entire lives by the propaganda in the mainstream media. We are a nation of sheep, where nobody thinks for themselves and everybody follows the same system. The system we have today turns everybody […]

Obama’s Private Army–It’s Not What You Think

Fleckman FlecksOfLife Common Sense from a Common Man 3/30/2010

This all started with a statement from The Obama:

Since the ObamaCare monstrosity passed a lot of people have been claiming that Obama and the Democrats slipped a “private army” into the health care bill.

Specifically, people have been referring to pages 1312 to 1315, […]

Senate Democrats Beat Back Vote On Student Loan Interest Rates

Corey Boles and Patrick Yoest Dow Jones Newswires 3/24/2010

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Senate Democrats staved off an attempt by Republican lawmakers Wednesday night to reduce the maximum interest rate the federal government can charge on loans to student borrowers, keeping intact its overhaul of the college lending market.

The Democratic plan would see […]

Education Secretary Denies Govt Takeover of Student Loan Programs Will Hurt Private Sector, Cause Job Loss

Penny Starr 3/26/2010

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said a provision in the House budget reconciliation bill to nationalize college loan programs would not hurt banks and other financial institutions that will be partly cut out of the process in favor of “direct lending” from the federal government.

Free market analysts, however, said the […]

Congress vs. The American People

The Heritage Foundation 3/23/2010

Another day, two new polls showing the American people are strongly against the health care plan President Barack Obama will sign into law today. According to CNN, 59% of Americans oppose President Obama’s plan. And according to CBS News, 48% of Americans oppose the plan (with 33% in strong opposition) compared […]