Soros: In ‘Miraculous Transformation,’ GOP Would Embrace More Stimulus

Bridget Johnson The PJ Tatler 2/12/2012

George Soros predicted in an interview aired Sunday that if Republicans just tried a second stimulus — and they would if the party ticket manages to unseat President Obama — they’d love it.

In an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria: GPS,” the billionaire financier also said he’s still weighing […]

Waiting for Sheldon Whitehouse’s speech on OWS ‘malignant, vindictive passions’

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 10/19/2011

In December 2009, on the eve of the Senate vote on Obamacare, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) issued a blistering speech on the floor of the Senate lashing out at opposition to Obamacare, which was led by the Tea Party movement, in the most inflammatory terms.

Among other things, Whitehouse […]

America’s Death by Professor

Stuart Schwartz American Thinker 5/20/2010

Where professors rule, life is cruel.

That is the bottom line for the average American in this, the transformative age of the president the New York Times and Washington Post has called “Professor” Obama, who “schools” the ignorant at home and abroad. Never before have so many with so little […]

Roots of Islamic fundamentalism lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims

The roots of Islamic fanaticism can be traced to Adolf Hitler’s radio messages broadcast around the Arab world during the Second World War, according to a new book.

Allan Hall in Berlin Telegraph [UK] 21 Apr 2010

Roots of Islamic funamentalism lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims Photo: […]