An Explosive Case Against The TSA

Shawn Paul The Western Center for Journalism 8/11/2012

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners allowed a woman who tested positive for explosives to slip by them Sunday morning at Newark Liberty International Airport, before creating another explosive situation among waiting passengers.

It was reported that at about 8:45am, the woman slipped through the TSA checkpoint at […]

Illegal alien caught working as airport security supervisor with stolen ID

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 5/15/2012

Department of Homeland Security officials are shocked to discover that an illegal alien held the position of security supervisor at an airport from which United Flight 93 departed on September 11, 2001 and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania when passengers rose up and attacked their terrorist captors.

In […]

Islamic graffiti at Newark International ignored. Time-consuming GateRapes likely to blame

Freaking TSA

Zilla of the Resistance 6/16/2011

Nearly ten years after islamic terrorists hijacked planes and used them to murder 3000 innocent people on our own soil, we have the freaking TSA destroying evidence in a criminal investigation of an islamic terrorist threat…

TSA blows jet ‘threat’ NY Post (hat tip Zilla)

Chilling graffiti found […]

TSA comes under fire again as employees admit to repeatedly stealing money from passengers

Daily Mail [UK] 15th February 2011

A TSA supervisor stole money from passengers who went through his security checkpoint and accepted bribes and kickbacks from a colleague.

Michael Arato, a supervisor at Newark Liberty Airport, admitted on Monday that he regularly took money from passengers during security screenings and deliberately targeted foreigners who could not […]