Niall Ferguson Defends Newsweek Cover: Correct This, Bloggers

First, duck the argument. Second, nitpick. Third, vilify. That’s what Niall Ferguson says liberal bloggers did after reading his Newsweek story on Obama’s record. Here, he offers a point-by-point defense of his argument.

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Niall Ferguson The Daily Beast 8/21/2012

The other day, a British friend […]

Bretton Woods Conference-Institute for New Economic Thinking

Crisis and Renewal: International Political Economy at the Crossroads April 8-11, 2011

INET is pleased to announce that it will hold its annual conference April 8-11, 2011 at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the scene of the great conference that established a renewed global economic architecture as World War II drew […]

Double standards and an imbecile media

Melanie Phillips The Spectator [UK] 16th February 2011

Egypt is now under a military dictatorship once again with precious little prospect of true democratic reform or human rights. It has also been reported that an Islamist theocratic fanatic has been appointed to head Egypt’s Constitutional Committee. So much for all those hailing the fall of […]

Niall Ferguson Blasts Obama’s Foreign Policy

Niall Ferguson The Daily Beast via Business Insider 2/14/2011

Newsweek’s new columnist makes his debut in this week’s issue with a cover story on Obama’s Egypt debacle and the strategic vacuum it exposes in the White House.

“The statesman can only wait and listen until he hears the footsteps of God resounding through events; […]