Everything You Remember About the 1990s is Wrong

Nicholas Carlson Business Insider 6/10/2012

As we deal with an under-employment crises that refuses to go away, the 1990s are now remembered as an age of prosperity that only got out of hand in a tech bubble at the end of the decade.

But that’s not what happened at all.

Peter Thiel – the billionaire […]

Canada: After Keystone, We’d Rather Sell Oil to China

John Sexton Breitbart.com Big Peace 4/4/2012

Solyndra is no longer the administration’s biggest energy blunder. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared a think tank event held in Washington yesterday. During an interview Harper explained that President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline had forced Canada to change course in ways that will permanently affect Canada’s […]

U.S. taxpayers funding upgrades of Mexican trucks by EPA

EPA now paying to equip Mexican trucks with anti-pollution equipment so they can cross the border with even more impunity

Doug Ross DirectorBlue 4/11/2011

…the U.S. government is paying to upgrade outdated Mexican trucks that hemorrhage illegal amounts of exhaust on their trips north to deliver merchandise… The Mexican trucks enter the U.S. under a […]