Nurse Files Complaint: I Witnessed Justina’s Unlawful Imprisonment

Raquel Okyay Human Events 4/28/2014

A Boston psychiatric nurse with care responsiblities of Justina Pelletier filed a mandated reporter complaint against Boston Children’s Hospital alleging unlawful imprisonment of Connecticut teen in custody by state authorities for 14 months.

When clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital diagnosed Justina Pelletier with Somatic Symptoms disorder, a psychological condition, in […]

Gov. Patrick Says There’s Nothing He Can Do For Justina Pelletier

Is He Lying?

Michael Graham The Natural Truth 4/8/2014

State reps Marc Lombardo and Jim Lyons keep fighting the good fight on behalf of Justina Pelletier, and they’ve taken the battle where it belongs: Gov. Patrick’s office.

But the Patrick administration’s response is that it’s all out of their hands. In an April 1, 2014 […]