Too late, China adopts a two-child policy

Gwynn Guilford Quartz 11/15/2013

The Chinese Communist Party just announced that it is loosening its one-child policy, allowing most of the remaining couples in the country who were restricted to one child to have two. That’s great and all. But it comes way too late to fix the huge glitches in […]

For the victims of violence today

14 December 2012


The image via Real Men are Kind to Animals on Facebook

In remembrance of the victims of violence and evil in schools today in Sandy Hook, Connecticut and in Chenpeng, China.


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Opinion: Gun-free zones provide false […]

Chinese official explains forced abortion policy funded by Obama administration

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman LifeSiteNews 6/11/2012

In the video below, a “family planning” official with the government of Changsha City, in the Chinese province of Hunan, explains how she uses her friendly lieutenants to “persuade” women to have abortions when they exceed the country’s one-child limit. The interview with the official was done last Friday by […]

When a government official can publicly state that not having children is a cost control measure …

Anne Backyard Conservative 3/2/2012

…it is a very short step to mandating how many children are appropriate for a woman to have. This is how China got to forced abortions. THAT is a real women’s rights issue.

RCP comment on Womb to Tomb Czarina Kathleen Sebelius. What if some future apparachik decides you too are […]

Notre Dame Tells Obama: HHS Mandate is a ‘Grave Violation of Religious Freedom and Cannot Stand’

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 2/12/2012

Members of the Notre Dame faculty sent President Obama a letter declaring the HHS mandate is “a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand.”

Too bad they didn’t see this coming when they decided to invite and honor the most radical pro-abortion and pro-infanticide president in US history to speak […]

China’s one-child rule turns into a time bomb

Pascale Trouillaud AFP via Yahoo! News 10/26/2011

China’s one-child policy has prevented almost half a billion births but has turned into a demographic time bomb as the population ages, storing up huge economic and social problems for the country…

…three decades on, demographers, sociologists and economists are warning of a looming crisis as China becomes […]