Paul Ryan hits it out of the park with speech on War on Poverty; Less government, more charity

Twitchy 10/25/2012

Rep. Paul Ryan gave a speech on poverty and class in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday…And, boy, did he hit it out of the park. The first clue? The lefty freak-outs…

…Happy warriors on Twitter, who know that freedom is always better than government shackles that only serve to keep people down, loved the speech…


‘The context is worse than the quote’

The Kudlow Report CNBC 7/23/2012


LARRY KUDLOW: “Why do you think President Obama, what did he mean, if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build it, someone else made that happen? He claims it’s being taken out of context. What do you think it means? Do you think this is Obama anti-business, anti-entrepreneur? […]

Paul Ryan, Up Close

John Hinderaker Power Line 4/12/2012

I met Paul Ryan for the first time today at a lunch meeting. I would have said that my opinion of Ryan couldn’t get much higher, but it did. He was even more impressive in person than I expected: funny and passionate as well as superbly knowledgeable about fiscal issues. […]

The choice: welfare state or opportunity society

Rep. Paul Ryan Journal Sentinel [WI] 12/11/2010

…The explosive growth of government casts a shadow over economic activity in this country. Job creators are worried about the massive tax increases that will be required if we don’t address this problem now. Although I support the bipartisan compromise to avoid massive across-the-board tax hikes on Jan. […]

‘…another cheerful, optimistic Conservative in the making…

The US isn’t France: My Jamaican friend at the mini-mart

The Barrister Maggie’s Farm 11/9/2010

My cheerful, voluble friend at our local Cumbie/24-hr gas station has been working the night shift for 8 months. He’s about 25, a recent single Jamaican (legal) immigrant who lives with his Mom. He is not a Rastaman. His Mom […]