Bill Ayers, Declassified

George Spelvin The Western Center for Journalism 3/20/2012

A declassified FBI top secret 50 page report on the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) reveals that Obama kingmaker Bill Ayers became Educational Secretary of the WUO when it morphed into an international movement to replace “America’s imperialistic state” with a New Democracy, which is their euphemism for […]

Obama’s Godfather Speech

…[Barack Obama] has chosen a strategy based on fear and loathing of an opposition he identifies simply as, “They.” …

The president sounds more like a Corleone than a Roosevelt.

Daniel Henninger The Wall Street Journal 12/8/2011

Most press accounts of Barack Obama’s speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, Tuesday described it as delivered by […]

Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 Speech Proves Nothing Ever Changes in Progressive Politics

Check Out Teddy Roosevelt’s Amazing 1912 Speech That Proves Nothing Ever Changes In Politics

Zeke Miller Business Insider 12/4/2011

President Barack Obama travels to Osawatomie, Kansas on Tuesday to channel President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous “New Nationalism” speech.

Roosevelt’s 6500-word speech served as the cornerstone of his bid for the presidency in 1912 on the […]