Palin is Right: If Tea Partiers Were Terrorists, Obama Would Pal Around With Them

Matthew Vadum The American Spectator 8/4/2011

It is a time-honored radical tactic to accuse your enemies of what you do in order to convert a negative into a positive, as the master of political agitation Saul Alinsky taught.

This explains the Left’s newfound interest in the lie that the Tea Party is comprised of “terrorists.” […]

Palestinian Leader Rebuffs Netanyahu’s Call for A ‘Jewish State’

Patrick Goodenough 9/3/2010

( – Behind the polite talk at Thursday’s re-launch of direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations at the State Department was a deep gulf on what Israel calls a make-or-break issue – Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

Addressing Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas directly in English, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu identified what […]

Obama buddy wants to bust Gaza blockade

Carl Israel Matzav 7/21/2010

Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi, a close friend of President Obama, is trying to raise money for a ship to run the Gaza blockade (Hat Tip: Will). Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University, has signed an appeal for funds to outfit a ship–to be named The […]

WH state dinner gate-crashers have links to radical anti-Israeli group, Prof. Rashid Khalidi

H/T Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit November 28, 2009

From Polo Contacts: Americas Polo Cup Pre-Event – Invite Only – with President Elect Obama and Black Eyed Peas November 26, 2008

From Left to Right is: Randy Jackson, better known as a Judge on American Idol – his previous life he was a bass player […]