UN Security Council rejects Palestinian Statehood

Bid to force Israel to withdraw to indefensible lines fails to gain necessary votes.

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 12/30/2014

The United Nations Security Council just voted against a controversial Palestinian Authority proposal, introduced by Jordan, requiring Israel to pull back to the 1967 lines (the 1949 Armistice line), including designating all of East Jerusalem […]

Samantha Power, Obama’s pick as America’s Ambassador to the UN, will fit right in

Ed Lasky American Thinker 6/5/2013

Samantha Power has been a notorious critic of Israel for years and that, naturally, makes her well-qualified under President Obama’s criteria to serve in such a crucial post. She will be welcomed with open arms at the United Nations.

We at American Thinker have been warning about her influence with […]

‘Obama will cancel visit if no new Israeli coalition by March 16′

As Netanyahu struggles to build a majority government, Israeli TV claims imminent, much-anticipated first presidential trip may now be in doubt

Adiv Sterman The Times of Israel 2/28/2013

President Barack Obama will call off his imminent visit to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not managed to form a new governing coalition by March […]

UN to vote on 'Palestinian statehood' Thursday

Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner 11/28/2012

Over the objections of the United States and Israel, the United Nations is set to vote on ‘Palestinian statehood’ Thursday, Nov. 29. The move has the broad support of Muslim nations in the Middle East and the majority of the nations of the European Union.

Critics, however, say that the […]

U.S. House Votes to Reform U.N. and Block Palestinian Statehood

Nathanael Bennett American Center for Law and Justice 10/13/2011

A few weeks ago, the ACLJ called for the U.S. Government to defund the United Nations (U.N.) if they voted to grant unilateral statehood to the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority. We asked you to support legislation being introduced in Congress to reform and defund the U.N. Over […]

Full Speech: Benjamin Netanyahu speech to United Nations

The Right Scoop 9/23/2011

Netanyahu spoke for 40 minutes before the UN today in what was a great speech. He said it’s time to stop negotiating about negotiations and toward the end of the speech he even calls on President Abbas to meet with him while he’s at the UN since they are in the […]