Rep. Moran: Members Can't Afford to Live Decently in DC, are 'underpaid'

Hannah Hess Roll Call 4/3/2014

Despite what constituents outside of Washington might think, members of Congress are underpaid, a House Legislative Branch appropriator suggested Thursday.

Virginia Democrat James P. Moran said he plans to highlight the injustice by introducing an amendment to the Legislative Branch bill during its full committee markup, and at floor consideration […]

Peter Schiff, author who predicted economic crash, reacts to debt-ceiling deal

Faith Braverman The Daily Caller 10/17/2013

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Peter Schiff is a businessman and author that was known by many as “Dr. Doom” before he became widely credited with foretelling the U.S. economic crisis years before it occurred. During a phone interview, The Daily Caller picked his brain about the current economic crisis, the […]

Dr. Michael Coffman Discusses Agenda 21 v. Personal Property Rights

South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention via Tea Party Patriots 1/13/2013



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Andrew Napolitano: Four more years to crush personal freedoms

Second term may deliver authoritarian we fear

Andrew P. Napolitano The Washington Times 11/7/2012

Only in America can a president who inherits a deep recession and whose policies have actually made the effects of that recession worse get re-elected. Only in America can a president get re-elected who wants the bureaucrats who can’t run the […]

American Liberalism: The Infantile Disorder

R.C. Whalen ZeroHedge 8/4/2012

“The approach of a great storm was sensed everywhere. All classes were in a state of ferment and preparation. Abroad, the press of the political exiles discussed the theoretical aspects of all the fundamental problems of the revolution. Representatives of the three main classes, of the three principal political trends — […]

We Are Not As Rich As Obama

David Lawrence American Thinker 7/19/2012

I am middle class. Neither Barack Obama’s net worth of eleven million dollars nor Mitt Romney’s worth of two hundred and fifty million dollars relates to me. They share an interplanetary tune that is remote from my hearing aid.

My poverty as related to Romney is not very different than […]