Orszag: Obama lost leverage for fiscal fights ahead

Susan Crabtree The Washington Times 1/3/2013

Despite Democratic claims to the contrary, President Obama’s former top budget adviser thinks his old boss has lost leverage for the budget battles to come in the wake of this week’s deal avoiding an immediate fall over the “fiscal cliff.”

In comments Wednesday on CNBC that were instantly circulated […]

Did former Obama White House Budget Director Peter Orszag just endorse Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan?

Jeff G. Protein Wisdom 6/27/2012

It would sure seem so.

Apparently, the more one moves away from Barack Obama, the clearer one’s thinking becomes.

At least, that’s the lesson I take away from this, racist that I am.

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New Book Tells of ‘Home Alone’ White House

John Verum Serum 9/17/2011

If you’ve already decided not to buy creepy stalker Joe McGinnis’ book on 9/20 at least you’ll have an alternative selection. Confidence Men by reporter Ron Suskind is already creating waves in Washington:

as copies of the book began circulating around town Friday, Obama’s aides and allies were forced to defend […]

Former Obama budget advisor blasts plan to let Bush tax cuts expire

Meredith Jessup The Blaze 9/7/2010

As press secretary Robert Gibbs noted this morning, The White House’s official position is that today’s poor economy doesn’t hurt rich people, and thus Bush-era tax cuts for higher earners don’t need to be extended.

On the contrary, writes former Obama budget advisor Peter Orszag. In his new role as […]

Now They Tell Us: Pro-Obama-Care Study By ‘Wonderful’ Group Now Seen As Dangerously Faulty By NYT

Clay Waters Media Research Center 6/3/2010

Another “now they tell us” moment from the New York Times on Obama-care appeared on Thursday’s front page: “Study Cited for Health-Cost Cuts Overstated Its Upside, Critics Say” by health reporters Reed Abelson and Gardiner Harris. The study originated from the obscure Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care group and […]

Orszag explains how ObamaCare imposes rationing

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 4/27/2010

Not that any of this comes as a surprise to those who paid attention to the ObamaCare bill, of course. I wrote about the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) twice in December, first when the CBO scored the bill as a $130 billion deficit reduction, and the second time just before […]