Obama Asks for More Executive Power in SOTU Speech

This is the one Obama SOTU clip that has Beck so upset

Jonathon M. Seidl The Blaze 1/25/2012

There have been a lot of clips circulating since the president delivered his State of the Union speech last night. But one clip in particular really set Glenn Beck off Wednesday morning. And it had to do […]

Italy, MF Global and the economy

Glenn Beck 1/16/2012

On Monday’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program on GBTV, Glenn promised that he would deliver some of the most important information on the economy he had every given. On the show, he explained what has been happening in Italy with the installation of a technocrat, as well as how the policies […]

Obama: a character out of novel ‘Philip Dru: Administrator’

Obama, Administrator in the White House, Doing the Work of Edward M. House

Henry Lamb Gulag Bound 12/21/2011

This article was first published in the first week of November, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama is rapidly becoming the Administrator that Colonel Edward Mandell House fantasized about in his horrible novel, Philip Dru: Administrator.

Philip Dru said: