Why he’s going where he’s going

Charles Krauthammer The Washington Post 7/26/2012

A generation ago, it was the three I’s. A presidential challenger’s obligatory foreign trip meant Ireland, Italy and Israel. Mitt Romney’s itinerary is slightly different: Britain, Poland and Israel.

Not quite the naked ethnic appeal of yore. Each destination suggests a somewhat more subtle affinity: Britain, playing to our […]

Revenue Falls When Wealthy British Pay Their ‘Fair Share’

Editorial Investors.com 2/23/2012

Tax Policy: The British government introduced a higher tax rate on the rich in 2010, promising that it would bring in added revenue. But, as any sensible person could have guessed, just the opposite has happened.

Gordon Brown’s Labour Party government launched the 50% rate in income taxes allegedly as a means […]

Labour prepares to ‘bow out of government’

Liberal Democrats and Conservatives edging towards deal, sources say

• The Liberal Democrats are poised to agree a power-sharing deal with the Conservatives, sources in both parties have said.

• David Cameron expected to become Prime Minister tomorrow. Reports that Nick Clegg will be his deputy.

Andrew Porter Telegraph [UK] 11 May 2010

In yet […]

How could this happen? Former Land Girl honoured by Brown dies after she is left to ‘wallow in her own filth’ on National Health Service ward

David Wilkes Daily Mail [UK] 27 Apr 2010

Her ‘loyal and devoted’ service as a Land Girl in the Second World War won her praise from Gordon Brown.

But this is the horrifyingly undignified state in which Clara Stokes had to live out her last days on an NHS [National Health Service] ward.

Helpless and […]

In UK Brown and Cameron set stage for May 6 poll

Gordon Brown has called the General Election for May 6 and launched his campaign by calling for a ‘mandate’ to restore the trust between voters and the politicians elected to represent them.

Rosa Prince Telegraph [UK] 6 April 2010

The Prime Minister put the economy at the heart of the campaign by urging the […]

Britain’s Brown says global bank tax near: report

Breitbart.com 2/11/2010

Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said major economies are close to agreeing a global bank tax and hinted a deal could be reached at a G20 summit in June, in an interview published Thursday.

“I’m interested in the way support is building up for international action,” he told the Financial Times.

Brown, […]