Event: The UnConstitutional National Popular Vote Plan–Preserving the Electoral College

Heritage.org Friday, 28 Oct 2011 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lehrman Auditorium Attend in Person or Watch Online The National Popular Vote Plan is an initiative to effectively abolish the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment. A number of state legislatures have already adopted an agreement in which participating states would allocate their electoral votes […]

Do Americans understand why progressives want to abandon the Electoral College for the popular vote

Warning! Progressives’ NPV Plan for White House Control, 2012 & Permanently

Jacquerie Wake Up America via Gulag Bound 10/21/2011

While the lamestream media holds public attention on GOP candidate rivalries, a “progressive” strategy is underway to eliminate the role of the states in electing a U.S. President. By transferring electoral votes to a “national popular […]

MA legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College

Martin Finucane The Boston Globe 7/27/2010

The Massachusetts Legislature has approved a new law intended to bypass the Electoral College system and ensure that the winner of the presidential election is determined by the national popular vote.

“What we are submitting is the idea that the president should be selected by the majority of people […]