Too late, China adopts a two-child policy

Gwynn Guilford Quartz 11/15/2013

The Chinese Communist Party just announced that it is loosening its one-child policy, allowing most of the remaining couples in the country who were restricted to one child to have two. That’s great and all. But it comes way too late to fix the huge glitches in […]

Obama defines US as ‘Muslim Country’

In an interview with French TV station, says number of Muslims residing in US justifies regarding it as a Muslim Country

Yoni Ariel Jerusalem Online 10/13/2014

A few days ago President Obama, in an interview he gave France’s Canal+ TV Channel, said that the American people need to be better educated about Islam, since US […]

The Religion of Peace™ meets ‘Candid Camera’

Muslim Goes Nuts When Told He’s On Israeli TV

Blazing Cat Fur 7/23/2012

“Candid Camera”

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America’s Burgeoning Class War Could Spell Opportunity For GOP

Joel Kotkin Forbes 7/12/2011

…Many blue-collar and middle-class Americans are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the future and their children’s chances for achieving their level of well-being. Middle-age college graduates, who supported Obama previously, increasingly have shifted from the administration. Even the young seem to have lost their once fervent enthusiasm. After all, they are seeing […]

California Suggests Suicide; Texas Asks: Can I Lend You a Knife?

Joel Kotkin 11/15/2010

In the future, historians may likely mark the 2010 midterm elections as the end of the California era and the beginning of the Texas one. In one stunning stroke, amid a national conservative tide, California voters essentially ratified a political and regulatory regime that has left much of the state unemployed […]