‘Trapped Inside an Economic Prison’

NigelFarageFans YouTube 12/13/2011

A collage of speeches by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels as Co-President of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group (EFD).

Excerpts relate to the euro currency crisis leading up to the bailouts of Greece (May 2010), Ireland (November 2010) and Portugal (April 2011).


Euro Unravel

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 3/30/2012

The central bank of Germany will no longer accept bank bonds backed by Ireland, Greece and Portugal as collateral.

From the article:

…Last week, the ECB [European Central Bank] gave the 17 national central banks in the Eurosystem permission to reject collateral bonds backed by governments that have received a bailout […]

MEP Nigel Farage discusses Greece on ‘Russia Today’

UKIP Media YouTube 3/7/2012

More fascism in the European Union

Oh, this is going to be a cheerful Monday…

Telegram from Innisfree Chicago Boyz 1/29/2012

So tomorrow (Monday) morning there’s going to be a new pact signed in Brussels at the EU leaders’ summit which basically wrests more fiscal power away from Greece, and turns it over to a “Eurozone budget commissioner”. Here in Ireland, […]

Baroness leads effort to sell EU military technology to communist China

Lev Navrozov World Tribune 9/15/2011

…“The People’s Republic of China” (PRC), the brainchild of the Marxist Mao, with its 1.34 billion people, has been industrializing the country and modernizing its multimillion army. And for the last 40 years, those scientifically and technologically advanced countries have been keeping their technology from getting into the hands of […]

Soros suggests Greece, Portugal quit euro-zone

AFP via Breitbart.com 8/14/2011

George Soros, the US speculator turned billionaire philanthropist, has suggested both Greece and Portugal quit the European Union and the euro-zone because of their massive debts.

“One has so mishandled the Greek problem that the best way forward at present might be an orderly exit” with Greece leaving both the EU […]