Obama’s $2 billion to Brazil ends up helping send oil to China

Bruce McQuain HotAir.com 1/27/2012

…Mr. Obama was saying that while he was drastically slowing down leasing and permitting in the US and whining about “subsides” to US oil corporations. We apparently can subsidize government controlled oil companies in foreign countries, but not here (and I’m not arguing for subsidies here – just pointing out the […]

Obama-Soros Promote ‘Open Government’

Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media 9/22/2011

The Obama State Department and a George Soros-funded organization calling itself Global Integrity have launched an “Open Government” international initiative that should be a subject of late-night jokes.

“Here in the United States, we’ve worked to make government more open and responsive than ever before,” Obama said, as his […]