Illinois Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns the Country's Strictest Recording Ban

Jacob Sullum Reason Magazine 3/20/2014

Today the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously overturned that state’s draconian eavesdropping law, which makes it a felony to record public officials without their permission, even when they are performing their public duties. Two years ago the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled that the law was […]

Is ‘1984’ Now?

SenatorRandPaul YouTube 11/13/2012

George Orwell’s dystopian novel continues to come true in too many ways.

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Update: Reminder: The Bill of Rights Doesn’t Give Anyone Any Rights…




The Government Is Spying On Federal Employees With Surveillance Software

Michael Kelley Business Insider 8/21/2012

Dozens of federal agencies have bought spyware to monitor the communications of government employees, Lisa Rein of the Washington Post reports.

The software, sold by SpectorSoft, can be programmed to intercept tweets and Facebook posts, take screen shots of computers, track keystrokes, retrieve files from hard drives, and search for […]

Microsoft Quashed Effort to Boost Online Privacy

Nick Wingfield The Wall Street Journal 6/2/2010

The online habits of most people who use the world’s dominant Web browser are an open book to advertisers. That wasn’t the plan at first.

In early 2008, Microsoft Corp.’s product planners for the Internet Explorer 8.0 browser intended to give users a simple, effective way to avoid […]