Neil Young chooses his own comfort over his convictions

Licia Corbella Calgary Herald [CA] 1/21/2014

While Neil Young spoke to a Calgary news conference at the Jack Singer Concert Hall prior to his Sunday night show, five rock star-style motorhomes were left running outside, spewing fumes into the Calgary air, even though they were mostly unoccupied.

Inside the concert hall, the 68-year-old rock ‘n’ […]

Flashback: AP: Stimulus includes tax break to promote private jet sales

Charlie Spiering Washington Examiner 6/29/2011

During President Obama’s press conference today, he scolded Republicans for demanding tax cuts for corporate jets.

From the Associated Press in 2009:

Just a few months after lawmakers scolded auto executives for flying to Washington in private jets, Congress approved a tax break in the stimulus package to help businesses […]