The Communist Influences in the Democratic Party

Comrade Atkins Admits Communist Infiltration of Democratic Party

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 11/10/2010

This blog has long contended that the Communist Party USA and other Marxist groups have heavily infiltrated the Democratic Party.

This has enabled the Communist Party to both influence Democratic Party policy and to choose and promote Democratic candidates at all levels.


Progressive Wellstone group focusing on local elections nationwide especially in Idaho, Montana, Minnesota

16 November 2010

H/T Jared Law of the 9/12 Project:

97 Wellstone Action Training Graduates Won Election Last Tuesday! November 10, 2008

One week after an historic Presidential election, the results have been tabulated for more than 200 graduates of Wellstone Action training programs across the country running for office in 2008. Of these candidates, […]