James Cameron, eco-hypocrite

UK’s Independent covers James Cameron’s eco-hypocrisy

Kristin McMurray Not Evil Just Wrong 10/25/2010

Our message is taking hold across the Atlantic, with the UK’s Independent writing about our film, “James Cameron—Hypocrite” this past weekend, saying:

Mr Cameron is hardly the only prominent celebrity to oppose the ballot measure. Other high-profile individuals campaigning against it include […]

Big Green Outspends Big Oil

CalWatchDog 10/15/2010

Anthony Pignataro:

Just want to take a few moments to congratulate Steve Maviglio, the official spokesman for the No on Prop. 23 campaign. Back in June, Maviglio told me that there was no way his little upstart effort built on non-profit environmental organizations to stop the Yes on 23 camp from dismantling our […]

California Prop 23: Green Hedge Fund Banker is Definitely a Vested Interest

Ann McElhinney Big Government 10/7/2010

We hear a lot about “vested interests” in America these days.

Here in California – it is the cry of Global Warming alarmists who are opposed to proposition 23 that is to be voted on in the November election.

Prop 23 will suspend a “Global Warming solutions” act that will […]