Soros buying up flood-ravaged farm land; Obama’s executive order establishes ‘Rural Council’

Who’s buying up flood ravaged farm land

Ann Barnhardt Gulag Bound 6/24/2011

[Note on Gulag Bound: Published by Andrea Shea King at Radio Patriot This evening, The Bound will post an update beneath Ann Barnhardt’s words, with further information and context. This is subject matter we are continuing to monitor.]

Two days ago, Ann posted […]

A Rare-Earths Showdown Looms

WTO litigation over China’s export limits is inevitable unless Beijing comes to its senses.

James Bacchus The Wall Street Journal 5/20/2011

A strong legal case can be made that Chinese restrictions on exports of rare-earth elements violate world trade rules. Japan has said publicly that the Chinese are violating World Trade Organization rules. Germany is […]

U.S. urged to mine ‘rare earth’ minerals for high-tech devices

China dominates market in obscure metals

Josh Brown The Washington Times 4/11/2011

It is time for the U.S. to stop panicking and start mining in the face of a possible shortage of “rare earth” mineral supplies from China, which dominates the global supply for the obscure minerals critical to the modern high-tech economy, according to […]

China, the rare earth metals crisis, and Obama’s green agenda

Michelle Malkin 10/5/2010

President Obama is pushing solar panels and other green technology pet projects as a way to create jobs and promote energy independence.

What his eco-radical bureaucrats won’t mention is that they are simply trading one type of foreign dependence for another: From Saudi oil…to Chinese rare earth metals.

As some of you […]