President Obama played cards during the bin Laden raid says his longtime aide Reggie Love

The Daily Mail [UK] 14 August 2013

President Obama’s longtime aide Reggie Love says he and the president played cards during part of the raid in Pakistan that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

‘Most people were like down in the Situation Room and [President Obama] was like, “I’m not going to be down […]

DNC scrambles to deflate Obama video before Daily Caller story published; another Obama video released

Alex Pappas The Daily Caller 10/2/2012

The Democratic National Committee — armed with the help of dismissive tweets from a variety of journalists — scrambled Tuesday night to attack The Daily Caller for its videos of President Obama’s controversial race comments in 2007 before the story was even published.

Using comments from reporters speculating on […]

Andrew Sullivan, finally bored with pondering Sarah Palin’s reproductive life, outs ‘The First Gay President’

Barebackers for Barack, UPDATED! — Andrew ‘Milky Loads’ Sullivan Cover Story at Newsweek, ‘The First Gay President’

Donald Douglas American Power Blog 5/13/2012

Read the article at American Power where Professor Douglas includes several links.

Remember this from a month ago: Van Jones: Blacks Will Vote En Masse for Obama Even if He Declares […]

Chicago Bears’ Lovie Smith Calls on Blacks to Back Obama

Devin Dwyer ABC OTUS News via Yahoo! News 3/12/2012

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith wants African-Americans to “be patient and look into the future,” setting aside any disappointment in President Obama to actively support his campaign for a second term.

“Our future’s looking bright, because I trust the man who’s leading us. And that […]

Obama to $7,500 per Plate Fundraiser Hosts: Can’t Stay for Dinner, Gotta Scoop the Poop

The Lonely Conservative 10/26/2010

I have absolutely no sympathy for the hosts and guests at a $7,500 per plate Rhode Island fundraiser where President Obama was the guest of honor. It’s people like them who helped bring about this debacle. That being said, it was awfully rude of him to duck out before the meal […]