House Republicans extend Solyndra probe to Defense Department

Andrew Restuccia The Hill’s E2-Wire 1/28/2012

House Republicans are investigating whether the Defense Department considered giving Solyndra government contracts in 2010 as the solar company faced major financial problems.

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote Thursday to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta requesting all internal Solyndra-related documents.

It’s the latest development in the […]

Ener1 Goes Bankrupt, Becomes Second or Third Next Solyndra

Tim Cavanaugh Reason Magazine 1/26/2012

After spending $55 million of a $118.5 million grant from Stephen Chu’s Department of Energy, Ener1, an Indianapolis-based maker of batteries whose facilities were toured by Reason’s Ronald Bailey in 2010, has declared bankruptcy.

Ener1, which got the grant for its EnerDel subsidiary, is another candidate in the increasingly competitive […]

National Concealed Carry Bill Passes House But Constitutionality, Privacy Issues Exist

National Concealed Carry Bill Passes House 272-154

Stearns-Shuler legislation would force states to recognize each other’s permits.

Neil W. McCabe Human Events 11/16/2011

A bill promising the most significant expansion of national gun rights since the current gun control regime began with the Handgun Control Act of 1968, passed the House 272 to 154 November […]

Energy Dept Should Have Sought Legal Opinion on Solyndra Loan, Treasury Official Tells Congress

Fred Lucas 10/14/2011

Treasury Department officials said they could not recall another time the government put the interest of private investors in front of those of taxpayers before the loan restructuring for the bankrupt but politically connected solar panel firm Solyndra.

Further, one department official told a House panel that the restructuring of the […]

Surprise: Solyndra execs to take the Fifth at congressional hearings next week

Allahpundit 9/20/2011

That’s not what they said would happen last week. Remember? Philip Klein, September 13:

[GOP Rep. Cliff] Stearns, speaking to bloggers at the Heritage Foundation, said the executives called the committee staff yesterday and asked whether they would be allowed to delay their testimony until next week. If they were granted the […]

Bankrupt ‘Green Jobs Company’ Received $535 Million in Stimulus Money, Was Coincidentally Headed by Huge Obama Contributor

Doug Ross Director Blue 6/27/2011

If this Republic survives the Obama presidency, I truly look forward to the first comprehensive, tell-all biography of our 44th president. Because when it comes to stories like this one, I’m betting we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

The Obama ‘Green Jobs’ Scam That Redistributed Half-a-Billion Dollars to […]