Laura Ingraham Hammers GOP Congressman for Selling Out American Middle Class on Immigration Breitbart.TV 30 Jan 2014

On her Thursday radio show, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham castigated Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) for his support of any immigration reform measure that would expand the labor pool and depress middle class wages instead of allowing the market forces to operate under the current immigration laws…




Congressman: Benghazi survivors suggested fighting NEVER stopped between consulate and CIA annex

The Right Scoop 11/14/2013

Congressman Nunes, who sits on the Intelligence committee and was in the classified hearings with the Benghazi survivors, says the survivors offered conflicting reports on what actually happened on the ground in Benghazi when the consulate was attacked in 2012. The administration has said that there was a big lull of […]

Congressman Devin Nunes Previews Ways And Means Hearing Friday, Plus A Bombshell On The AP Scandal

The Hugh Hewitt Show 5/15/2013

…HH: Congressman Nunes, I’ve been through the IG’s report. I wrote a lengthy piece on it for Townhall, as has my colleague, Carol Platt Liebau, used to be a Congressional staffer, managing editor of the Harvard Law Review. Smart people are going through this report. It’s a whitewash. There is, […]

Chu to Congress: We’re not interested in lowering gas prices

Ed Morrissey 2/29/2012

Hey, at least Energy Secretary Stephen Chu gave an honest answer. When asked by Rep. Alan Nunnelee whether the Obama administration wants to work to get gas prices to come back down, Chu replied that they’re not focusing on that — and that higher gas prices mean more of a push […]

Real-time democracy and CA’s water for farmers

by Amanda Carpenter The Washington Times September 24, 2009

Instead of waiting around for Congress to pass his legislation to require that all bills be posted online before getting a vote, Rep. John Culberson found a way to start doing it himself.

The Texas Republican recently attended a technology conference and came across a vendor […]