Obama DOJ Refuses to Release Fast and Furious Docs

Arnold Ahlert Canada Free Press 9/19/2014

The “most transparent administration in history” is once again revealing the rank hypocrisy of President Obama’s assessment. In a motion filed Monday night, lawyers from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) asked U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson to delay the transfer of documents related to the […]

Snowden’s Dead Man’s Switch

Bruce Schneier Schneier on Security 7/18/2013

Edward Snowden has set up a dead man’s switch. He’s distributed encrypted copies of his document trove to various people, and has set up some sort of automatic system to distribute the key, should something happen to him.

Dead man’s switches have a long history, both for safety (the […]

Republicans criticize four-gallon EPA gas purchase mandate

Michael Bastasch The Daily Caller 9/14/2012

With prices at the pump worrying Americans, Republicans have railed against the Environmental Protection Agency’s new gas mandate that requires consumers to buy at least four gallons when purchasing from stations with hoses containing 10 percent and 15 percent ethanol-blended fuel.

On Monday, Republicans on the House Committee on […]

Washington Post Tells America To Stop Talking About Michelle Obama’s…


The Ulsterman 1/2/2012

After a Republican Congressman called out Michelle Obama for her potentially contradictory campaign against childhood obesity in which she demands American families learn to “eat better” – the Washington Post charges both racism and sexism against the remark.

Wisconsin Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner was reportedly overheard complaining about First Lady Michelle […]

Holder Says Definition of ‘Lying’ to Congress Depends On ‘State Of Mind’

goprapidresponse YouTube 12/8/2011

AG Eric Holder attempts to avoid question about lying to Congress, saying that lying depends on one’s state of mind.

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Update: More Video From Holder Hearing: The Mitchell/McCarthy Exchange

A dismissive AG […]