IRS Victims Testify as New Agency Scandals Emerge

From left are, Kevin Kookogey, founder and president, Linchpins of Liberty, Diane Belsom, Laurens County, S.C. Tea Party,John Eastman, chairman, National Organization for Marriage, Karen Kenney, San Fernando Valley, Calif. Patriots, Sue Martinek, Coalition for Life of Iowa, and Becky Gerritson, Wetumpka, Ala. Tea Party, who are six organizations that say they were […]

Here it comes! Dems to Propose Carbon Tax Bill

McDermott pushes carbon tax Erica Martinson Politico 8/2/2012

[via Matt Dempsey U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works]

These days in Congress, climate change is a question. Rep. Jim McDermott says a carbon tax is the answer.

McDermott (D-Wash.) will introduce a bill Thursday to create a carbon tax that he says will […]

House Passes Audit the Fed Bill

W. James Antle, III The American Spectator 7/25/2012

For years, auditing the Federal Reserve was a fringe idea taken up only by Ron Paul. Both the Democratic and Republican wings of the establishment argued that it would compromise the Fed’s independence. Given the economic impact of bad monetary policy, some countered that perhaps their vaunted […]

The MSM’s ‘Media Matters’ Blackout

While they scramble to bury Rupert Murdoch, they ignore the blatant violation of tax-exempt status by George Soros’ pet outfit.

Seton Motley Pajamas Media 7/13/2011

The MSM is enjoying a very quiet laugh at the expense of one of their competitors: the Fox News Channel. They’re not saying a word about the all-encompassing, possibly illegal […]

Quote of the day

31 March 2011

“…I’m tired of reading the Constitution, and all the silly things we’ve done for the last thirteen weeks…”

~Congressman Jim McDermott

video at Freedom’s Lighthouse


…McDermott is objecting to the time spent on reading the Constitution at […]

Class Warfare’s Next Target: 401(k) Savings

by Newt Gingrich and Peter Ferrara Investor’s Business Daily 2/17/2010

You did the responsible thing. You saved in your IRA or 401(k) to support your retirement, when you could have spent that money on another vacation, or an upscale car, or fancier clothes and jewelry. But now Washington is developing plans for your retirement savings.