Obama is at Two Dozen Scandals and Counting

Keith Koffler White House Dossier 8/1/2013

President Obama claims that Republicans are busy probing “phony scandals.” But the sheer number of scandals suggests that misbehavior, abuse of power, and possibly corruption are not something being dreamed up by the GOP, but a defining characteristic of the Obama administration.

Here is a full list of the […]

Congressman Submits Impeachment Resolution Due to Obama’s Failure to Get Congressional Authorization for Military Action in Libya

Charlie King Yahoo! Voices 3/9/2012

On March 7, Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina submitted an Impeachment Resolution to put President Obama on Notice over what some in congress see as an overreach of executive powers.

The Impeachment resolution stems from Obama’s failure to get Congressional authorization for the military action in Libya that began […]

The President’s Nun: Obamacare Scranton Scandal Explodes

“Health care reform is absolutely playing a role. Was it the precipitating factor in this decision? No, but was it a factor in our planning over the next five years? Absolutely.”

~Mercy Health Partners CEO Kevin Cook

The story of the President’s nun and charges of possible intimidation of […]

You Can Take the Pol Out of Chicago. . .

Jennifer Rubin Commentary Magazine 5/30/2010

As he often does, Obama tried to distance himself from his own administration’s mess. He ducked a personal response and had his lawyer issue a memo on the Joe Sestak job-offer scandal on the Friday before Memorial Day. He thereby succeeded in revealing that Sestak is a fabulist, his own […]

Issa threatens to call for a special prosecutor in Sestak job offer

David Freddoso Washington Examiner 3/24/2010

From CBS News:

Rep. Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight committee, told CBS News Wednesday that he will call for a special prosecutor to investigate the White House if it does not address Rep. Joe Sestak’s claim that he was offered a federal job in exchange […]

Justice Dept Should Probe Alleged White House Offer to Rep. Sestak, Legal Experts Say

Fred Lucas CNSNews.com 3/24/2010

Legal experts and government watchdog groups cited five federal laws that would have been violated if a White House official offered Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) an administration job, as Sestak has claimed, in exchange for his dropping his Pennsylvania Democratic primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter (D).

Further, some believe the […]