Victim in Chief

What if racism really is what’s ruining Obama’s presidency?

James Taranto The Wall Street Journal 8/3/2011

Barack Obama’s difficulties are the result of racism: It has been a frequently recurring theme ever since he emerged as a serious presidential candidate. Obama himself has raised it occasionally, though not often, but his supporters fall back on […]

Rep. Loretta Sanchez sparks outrage from fellow Democrats with proposal to boot Giffords from Armed Services Committee

Chris Moody The Daily Caller 1/25/2011

Behind closed doors, California Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez has proposed removing Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords from the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) until she recovers from injuries sustained after being shot in the head on Jan. 8 in Tucson, The Daily Caller has learned.

The proposal sparked an outrage, […]

Van Tran Blasts Loretta Sanchez Comments as ‘Offensive’ and ‘Divisive’

American Power 9/25/2010

And good for him.

At LAT and Memeorandum:

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez found herself in hot water this week after she said in a Spanish-language interview that “the Vietnamese” and Republicans were trying to take control of her seat.

Sanchez, who is up for reelection, was put on the defensive after her […]

First slurs against homosexuals; now race-baiting from the party of tolerance

Race-baiting Dem Congresswoman Pits Latinos Against Asians on Spanish-Language TV 9/22/2010

[California] Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez appeared on Spanish-Language Univision to tell Latino voters that their Congressional seat was being taken by the Vietnamese.

Rep. Sanchez is in a hotly contested race for re-election against the very popular, Vietnamese-American Republican, Van Tran.

H/T […]