Media sets gun control narrative, shuts down mental health debate

John Nolte Big Journalism 15 Dec 2012

As you’ll see in the video below, through Soledad O’Brien, CNN is desperate to set the table for policies that will make us less safe by ensuring only bad guys have guns. This is what I call Narrative Setting, where the media decides what The Narrative (our […]

House Tells Obama to Stand Up for US Internet

William Begelow Big Government 3 Aug 2012

The House of Representatives, in a rare show of unanimity, approved a resolution that urged Barack Obama to stand against international proposals that would give the UN more control over the Internet. There are proposals in the works to be presented in Dubai in December that would […]

Dems target vulnerable GOP lawmakers over health law repeal vote

Meghashyam Mali The Hill 7/2/2012

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is launching a new campaign Monday targeting vulnerable GOP lawmakers on healthcare ahead of the House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Democrats are on offense as we expose these House Republicans for standing up for insurance companies and congressional perks instead of […]

Lawsuit Showdown Predicted for Net Neutrality

Broadband for America 1/25/2011

In light of Verizon suing the FCC over net neutrality rules passed in December, analysts predict a “lawsuit showdown is probably in the works”. Since Verizon filed their case in the same D.C. appeals court that denied the FCC authority to regulate the Internet a year ago, proponents of the FCC […]