We Blame George W. Bush

ObamaCare survives, but the Commerce Clause has limits.

James Taranto The Wall Street Journal 6/28/2012

ObamaCare is still the law of the land, and we blame George W. Bush. In National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius, four associate justices adopted the position of Florida’s Judge Roger Vinson, voting to strike down the entire law–we […]

Video: Patrick Kennedy tries to justify $2 million bike path on House floor, hilarity ensues

theblogprof 8/1/2010

There’s one thing I can say about Patrick Kennedy – I’m going to miss his floor speeches. The comedy value is quite high. Of course, his voting record is so far left that he’s to running again in a blue district in a blue state on account of his dismal votes. The Creative […]

Rep. Patrick Kennedy: Federal Funding of Abortion Is ‘Not a Question of Morality’

Karen Schuberg CNSNews.com 3/26/2010

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), a professed Roman Catholic, told CNSNews.com Wednesday that federal funding of health plans that cover elective abortions is “not a question of morality” but “a matter of health — public health.”

“Obviously there’s going to be some legal decisions that are going to be coming forward, I’m […]

Video: Patrick Kennedy, meltdown # 527,554: national security, the media, Rep. Massa

Video: Patrick Kennedy goes nuts over media’s Massa coverage by Allahpundit HotAir.com 3/10/2010

Go figure that a scion of Camelot, who’s lived up to the family legacy in so many ways, would look dimly upon press coverage of politicians’ misbehavior. Funny, but I don’t remember many Democratic complaints about the sustained media swarm over Mark […]

More Kennedys on deck

David Catanese Politico.com 2/14/10

Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s (D-R.I.) retirement may serve as a symbolic end of a political era but for those still captivated by America’s version of Camelot, there’s hope. The list of prospective Kennedy clan candidates, it seems, runs deep.

Chris Kennedy, Anthony Shriver and Bobby Shriver are other prospective Kennedy […]

Patrick Kennedy Not Seeking Re-election

Dan Riehl Riehl World View 2/11/2010

Update: Confirmed – Patrick Kennedy Not Seeking Re-election

He’s airing a statement Sunday night? It’ll be old news by then.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy has decided not to seek re-election to Congress, saying his life is “taking a new direction.”

Kennedy taped a message to be aired on […]