George Soros & Other High-Ranking Democrats Meet for Ultra-Secret Conference

Becket Adams The Blaze 5/15/2012

George Soros, political strategists, and other high roller Democrat operatives attended a highly secretive conference at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami to discuss the upcoming elections.

And the Washington Free Beacon’s (WFB) Andrew Stiles gives us an inside look:

The location of the conference had been kept a closely guarded […]

In VA Obama/Tom Perriello supporters think Socialism is good for America

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 11/1/2010

Americans for Prosperity was interviewing Obama supporters outside his Virginia rally on Friday night…

Read the rest at GatewayPundit.

Update: Meanwhile, this from TheRightScoop: Passer-by unhinged at the mere sight of Americans for Prosperity. At least one man is assumed to be a Perriello supporter. There is explicit language used […]