Congressmen ‘absolutely shocked’ of Foreign State involvement behind 9/11 attacks

Joshua Cook 12/17/2013

If al Qaeda had support from foreign governments during 9/11, should the public know about it? Many Americans are demanding it, especially those who lost loved ones. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) said they were “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks […]

‘It was important to make a statement’

Republican who voted against Boehner for speaker explains

Alex Pappas The Daily Caller 1/3/2013

Despite failing to take the speaker’s gavel away from John Boehner, one Republican who rebelled against his party’s leader during Thursday’s election said: “It was important to make a statement.”

“This is a matter of conscience,” Rep. Walter Jones, a North […]

Boehner purge extending to subcommittees

Mike Flynn Big Government 12 Dec 2012

Last week, House GOP Leadership flexed its muscle and stripped 4 conservative members of their committee assignments. After my colleague Matthew Boyle reported that leadership seemed to use a secret vote “score” to make their decision, anxiety grew that leadership purged these members in a bid to […]

Mark Levin gives brilliant explanation of both Obama and Boehner

The Right Scoop 12/4/2012

Mark Levin steps into the shoes of both Obama and Boehner, explaining the mindset of both men and why they operate as they do. This isn’t a comparison of the two men, but rather an attempt to give a deeper insight into what’s really going on in Washington by explaining the […]

Congressman Submits Impeachment Resolution Due to Obama’s Failure to Get Congressional Authorization for Military Action in Libya

Charlie King Yahoo! Voices 3/9/2012

On March 7, Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina submitted an Impeachment Resolution to put President Obama on Notice over what some in congress see as an overreach of executive powers.

The Impeachment resolution stems from Obama’s failure to get Congressional authorization for the military action in Libya that began […]