Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution

europarl YouTube 5/9/2012

The transcript of the speech is included on YouTube.

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Also, Elections see Socialists, Nazis gain power in Europe

…Glenn noted that the […]

Violent insurgency OK for America but not for Syria?

Russia Today America Attacks Syrian Rush to Judgment, Suggests Governments Killing Citizens is Expected

John Verum Serum 2/17/2012

They’re at it again. RT, the Kremlin run news channel, is spinning the story of what is taking place in Syria, trying to make a case for inaction even as thousands of its citizens have been killed […]

So You Want a Revolution…

Daniel Greenfield Sultan Knish 1/18/2012

…Every time we bow our heads to the consensus, self-censor ourselves to stay within our prison bars and execute another tactical withdrawal to fight for some last vestige of our program that really matters, the power of the left continues to grow.

The power of the left is not political. […]

Occupy Wall Street Leaders Promise ‘Asymmetrical Warfare Strategies’ Bringing Us ‘One Step Closer To Revolution’ In 2012…

Zip Weasel Zippers 12/25/2011

The DNC’s new shock troops.

(MSN Money) — Warning to America’s superrich: Think Occupy Wall Street disappeared in winter’s cold? Wrong: The 99% just declared a new aggressive, covert special-ops war strategy to take back our democracy in 2012.

No more peaceful tent encampments in parks. No more Mahatma Gandhi nice-guy […]

Bill Ayers and #Occupy Harrisburg: Debate Is Done

Ayers lies easily…America has generally accepted Bill Ayers as an upstanding member of society; he no longer is recognized as an extremist. In short, he is the mainstream. America and the American People are not what they once were…the left has spent decades implementing its goals into public policies and social acceptance, and […]

#Occupy Wall Street: Phase 2

JohnE Ace of Spades HQ 11/21/2011

Oh, you thought it was over? Not so fast.

The New Yorker is running a profile on Kalle Lasn, the man credited with starting this “youth of America movement” known as Occupy Wall Street.

Lasn is sixty-nine years old and lives with his wife on a five-acre farm outside […]