Pope Francis in Rio: millions gather on Copacabana beach to celebrate Mass

The Telegraph [UK] 28 July 2013



Picture: AP Photo/Felipe Dana


The vigil drew a reported 3 million flag-waving, rosary-toting faithful, higher than the 1 million at the last World Youth Day vigil in Madrid in 2011, and far more than the 650,000 at Toronto’s 2002 vigil.



‘According to the head of the United Nations, only one vision of the future is acceptable’

Contrary to the U.N.’s dire assessment, humanity has never seen a clearer reduction in poverty worldwide. The proportion of people living in absolute poverty has dropped massively, from 52 percent in 1981 to 22 percent today.

~Bjorn Lomborg

Blazing Cat Fur 6/15/2012

“Five days from now the United Nations’ Rio+20 conference […]

Maurice Strong at the Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992

“We are now a species out of control.”

Darin Moser American Alert News 3/28/2012

The following video is archive footage from June 3rd, 1992 of Maurice Strong, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) delivering his introductory remarks at the opening plenary of the 1992 Earth Summit […]

Is Obama in Brazil to buy…oil?

Carol Greenberg Conservative Outlooks 3/19/2011

*Update 3/19/11 4:19pm. Brasilian oil giant Petrobras awarded deep-water drill permit in US Gulf off the coast of Louisiana while many other rigs sit idle or US companies await permits. This one really chaps my behind.

President Obama is in Brasilia as this article is written paying a visit to […]

Media Blackout: Protesters Firebomb US Consulate in Brazil Ahead of Obama Trip

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 3/18/2011

Verum Serum asks: “Why is the media not reporting this?”

The article continues at GatewayPundit. Weasel Zippers: Molotov Cocktails, Rubber Bullets to Greet Obama in Brazil. Update: More Protest Photos

Earlier this afternoon Weasel Zippers posted: Obama Forced to Cancel Speech in Historic Rio Plaza

(Breitbart) — President Barack Obama […]