Op-Ed: Pamela Geller’s War On Radical Islam And Everybody Else

Pamela Geller tested the First Amendment and America failed.

Opinion Israel National News 5/5/2015

Have you hugged a Jihadist today? Everybody else has. Have you trashed Pamela Geller this morning? Welcome to the club.

Pamela Geller made a mistake. She tested the First Amendment and the First Amendment lost.

This fighter for Israel, this battler […]

Islamic State Partisans Take Responsibility for TX Terrorist Attack BEFORE ATTACK!

Kristinn Taylor The Gateway Pundit 5/3/2015

…Shots Fired at AFDI- Jihad Watch Event in Texas ** Islamists were carrying explosives ** Contest to draw prophet Mohammad ** One officer injured ** Witness says 20 shots were fired!! ** The center is still on lockdown (9:00 PM Central) ** The security officer was released from the […]

'Stand With the Prophet' Demonstrators Clash With 'Free Speech' Counter-Protesters in Texas

Soopermexican The Right Scoop 1/17/2015

When conservatives heard about the “Stand with the Prophet” demonstration set for today in Texas, they quickly organized a counter-protest in support of free speech…

…Pamela Gellar was one of the organizers of the counter-protest, and coincidentally her website was hit with a cyber-attack that took it down right before […]

Arc De Triomphe Lights Up For Charlie

Nickarama Weasel Zippers 1/9/2015

Picture via AFP/Getty images






Related: Robert Spencer: ‘No-Go Zones’ Are Incubators of Islamic Jihad (video)

…Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer explained that the number of Muslim immigrants in France is unprecedented, and those emigrating have no interest in assimilation…




UK Muslim Child Brides are Legal

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 12/21/2014

Theresa May banned Robert Spencer and me from entering the UK because of our principled stand against jihad and in defense of freedom, but she can’t ban child rape and marriage. And you wonder why the UK is doomed.

Instead of setting up sharia courts in the UK, sharia should […]

AFDI Rally: Support Israel and Persecuted Religious Minorities

14 August 2014





On Sunday, August 17, from 3:45 to 7PM, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and freedom activist Assaf Shilony & Team will be hosting a rally in New York City’s Union Square. Speakers from a huge variety of backgrounds will stand for Israel and all the minority […]