Robert Kennedy Jr., Aspiring Tyrant

He’d like to charge the Kochs with treason and send climate-change dissenters to jail.

Charles C. W. Cooke National Review 9/22/2014

Blissfully unaware of how hot the irony burned, Robert Kennedy Jr. yesterday took to a public protest to rail avidly in favor of censorship. The United States government, Kennedy lamented in an interview withClimate […]

Supreme Court says abortion clinic buffer zone unconstitutional

Sean Lengell The Washington Examiner 6/26/2014

The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Massachusetts law that set 35-foot buffer zones around abortion clinics, saying it violated the First Amendment free speech rights of protesters.

The unanimous decision is a victory for anti-abortion activists and even some liberal-leaning groups who feared the law, if upheld, […]

Leftist Congressman Henry Waxman Retires, Blames Tea Party

Matthew Burke Tea Party News Network 1/30/2014

Far-left congressman from California, Henry Waxman, a 40-year House veteran, announced his retirement Wednesday, blaming the pro-constitution, limited government Tea Party movement.

“It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party Republicans,” said Waxman. “Nothing seems to be happening.” Waxman may have forgotten about Obamacare, which is […]

Andrew Cuomo: Abortion Practices Override Moral and Religious Objections

J. Robert Smith American Thinker 2/20/2013

New York Governor and Roman Catholic Andrew Cuomo’s apostasy on abortion now includes a greater measure of anti-liberty. Cuomo is tearing a page from President Obama’s failed attempt (thus far) to legally force religiously-affiliated hospitals and institutions to permit abortions at their facilities.

The Cuomo-backed legislation – innocuously termed […]

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Mockarena YouTube via Chicks on the Right 1/8/2013


Shocking Time Magazine Cover: After 40 Years, Abortion Activists Losing

Steven Ertelt LifeNews 1/3/2013

The mainstream media will get around to covering abortion this month as the nation marks 40 years of legalized abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy via Roe v Wade. Time magazine has released its issue, which comes to a shocking conclusion.

The cover article makes the case that the pro-abortion […]