'For this, 12 people were murdered. Our hearts are breaking.' #CharlieHebdo

The Charlie Hebdo Covers the Terrorists Didn’t Want You to See


A 2012 issue featuring the satirical drawing titled “Intouchables 2.” (Photo: Newscom)



Kelsey Harris The Daily Signal 1/7/2015

Two police officers and 10 employees were killed by three gunmen this morning at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris. Witnesses […]


@iowahawk Twitter 7 Jan 2015


“We will never surrender our freedom of speech” – John Kerry, today pic.twitter.com/wfMoj3fmTI

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) January 7, 2015



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…The right to blaspheme religion is one of the most elemental exercises of political liberalism. One cannot […]

Mandela Crashes Obama Johannesburg Appearance

Everyone wants to bask in Obama’s sunshine, even the deceased.

Opiate of the People The People’s Cube 12/10/2013





An international incident was touched off yesterday in Johannesburg, South Africa when a good-will appearance by President Obama was interrupted by an impromptu funeral.

Mr. Obama was generously posing for souvenir pictures […]

Hitler finds out he can’t keep his doctor under Obamacare

Crapplefratz YouTube 11/9/2013

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'The Lying King'

Michael viagra using Ramirez Investors Business Daily 11/6/2013



A larger image is available at the link. There’s more from Michael Ramirez here.



Obama’s most fiendish plot yet…

Mickey Kaus The Daily Caller 5/16/2013

An idea so crazy it just might … Opponents and supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform” (i.e. amnesty) agree it doesn’t do well on the front burner of public debate. Excessive attention exposes flaws and contradictions in the legislation and focuses the anger of opponents. Back in March, I didn’t […]