Breitbart: Prepare for a blockbuster from left field next week



Below is what appears to be the full interview of Andrew Breitbart from yesterday’s Savage Nation radio broadcast. I’ve cued up the relevant portion, which is in Part 2; just press play.

Speculation? I would guess he’s got something on SEIU, […]

Diversity Czar Threatens Free Speech

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Amendment: Mark Lloyd, a disciple of Saul Alinsky and fan of Hugo Chavez, wants to destroy talk radio and says free speech is a distraction. The new FCC diversity “czar” says Venezuela is an example we should follow.

When Mark Lloyd was appointed July 29 as […]

Health care, the unions, and Alinsky’s rules

Yesterday Professor Glenn Reynolds posted this to his blog,

I LINKED THIS PIECE ON THE HEALTH CARE DEBATE YESTERDAY, but several readers liked this passage enough that it’s worth highlighting:

Les Bayless, the retired treasurer of Service Employees International Union 1199, blamed poor leadership within the union community for its troubles. “We need different […]

American Thinker: The Alinsky Way Vs. the American Way

By Kyle-Anne Shiver August 11, 2009

It takes neither a genius, nor a shrink, to see why Alinskyite Democrat pols are so confused by all this 1776 Redux confronting them in their home-district townhalls. Since they are so accustomed to calling up pals in unions and various other community agitators for a little rent-a-mob action […]