An Internet without uploading?

Bill Wilson NetRight Daily 12/14/2011

Faced with a barrage of criticism for new legislation that professes to deal with Internet piracy, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith has introduced a manager’s amendment that has, according to Smith, “addressed I believe all of the legitimate concerns out there.”

There’s only a small problem. It doesn’t […]

You paid for it: The massive internet propaganda campaign to push ObamaCare

“The American people should be disturbed that the Obama administration is using taxpayer funds to try to brainwash people simply searching the Internet for information on health care. This Big Brother campaign is underhanded, potentially unlawful, and it must be stopped. As the congressional ‘super-committee’ begins negotiations to cut the deficit, this wasteful […]

Eliminate Google from your life

Tom Merritt 3/11/2010

As Google gets bigger and bigger, so do our privacy concerns. If you use Google search, Gmail, Google Docs, and YouTube, Google collects a staggering amount of data about you. And we only named a handful of the Google products.

But you can live life without Google. Here’s how. Let’s start […]