Connecticut Union Members Say Their Leaders Misrepresented Them in Favor of Governor

Lucky for the union members they can “recall” their union when they feel poorly represented; the taxpayers of Connecticut, who are about to have an increase in income tax withheld retroactive to January 1st, don’t have the ability to recall their governor.

Dr. Susan Berry Big Government 7/23/2011

Connecticut state correctional officers and […]

Connecticut State Union Layoffs: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t?

Dr. Susan Berry Big Government 7/18/2011

Call it hokus pokus or smoke and mirrors. The Norwich Bulletin reports that the leaders of Connecticut’s state employee unions (SEBAC) plan to meet on Monday to vote to change their bylaws in order to stave off Democratic and Working Families Party Governor Dannel Malloy’s threats of 4,300 layoffs […]