Three Senators Who Deserve a Round of Applause 1/30/2013

After a 94-3 vote, Hillary Clinton has been replaced by this:

Congratulations are in order for Senators Inhofe, Cornyn, and Cruz for being the only three out of 100 Senators who had the backbone to vote NO on confirmation of John Kerry for Secretary of State.


Most of the members […]

Hold John Kerry accountable

Frank Gaffney, Jr. Center for Security Policy 1/2/2013

Members of the United States Senate are surely tempted to give their insufferably arrogant colleague from Massachusetts a pass in confirmation hearings for his nomination to become the next Secretary of State. Quite apart from the tradition of senatorial courtesy practiced in the exclusive club once known […]

Kerry nomination proves Obama doesn't understand Latin America

Let’s assume that he was merely a sucker who fell for Soviet and Cuban propaganda. Does a similar knowledge deficiency explain why, when he ran for president in 2004, he told a Boston audience that the Colombian guerrillas, famous for killing and maiming civilians, “have legitimate complaints”?


Silvio Canto, Jr. American Thinker […]

‘Generous’: Remember John Kerry’s Praise of Syrian Dictator Assad?

Sharona Schwartz The Blaze 12/16/2012

With multiple reports circulating that President Barack Obama will nominate Sen. John Kerry to be his next secretary of state, it’s worth remembering the praise the Democratic senator has in the past heaped on Syrian President Bashar Assad — worthwhile since dealing with Assad’s crumbling regime and the militant Islamists […]

Quote of the day

13 December 2012


A POLITICAL FLEET-IN-BEING: So one of John Kerry’s roadblocks in being named Secretary of State is a fear that Scott Brown might take the seat from the Democrats. And Tennessee’s Gov. Bill Haslam showed unexpected backbone on the ObamaCare exchanges because he feared a Tea Party challenge in 2014. Even the […]

John Kerry and Barack Obama: A Dangerous Foreign Policy Duo

The Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee has his eye on the secretary of State spot in the next term.

Anne Bayefsky PJMedia 9/7/2012

John Kerry, the man who failed to become president in no small measure because his foreign policy ideas scared the heck out of Americans, was determined to get even at the Democratic National […]