Lord Carey attacks PM David Cameron over Christian ‘support’

BBC News [UK] 30 March 2013

The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has accused David Cameron of making Christians feel marginalised.

He said it was a “bit rich” for the prime minister to tell religious leaders to oppose secularisation.

This follows comments made by the PM at a pre-Easter Downing Street reception for faith […]

How U.S. diplomacy helped Turkey’s shift to an Islamist state

Ed Koch WorldTribune.com 11/6/2012

After President Amadinejad of Iran and Iran’s theocratic Islamist state, the greatest threat to Israel is Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey and Turkey’s Islamist government. This is surprising because Turkey and Israel used to be close allies.

The rift between the countries is directly linked to the ascendancy of Islamist […]

When the State eliminates God…

…this is what you get.

Michael Ramirez Investors.com 2/3/2012

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On his Facebook page Ramirez wrote:

I guess our Constitutional law professor-in-Chief forgot the first amendment prohibits our government from impeding the free exercise of religion. Three weeks ago, the Supreme Court vote ruled against this administration’s […]

More death by political correctness

Baroness Ashton in political correctness row over word ‘Christian’

Baroness Ashton is under fire after the EU failed to agree on a statement condemning attacks on religious minorities in the Islamic world because it is not politically correct to use the word “Christian”.

Bruno Waterfield Telegraph [UK] 01 February 2011

A meeting of EU […]

Mark Levin on Christine O’Donnell, Separation of Church and State

TheRightScoop 10/20/2010

Levin unpacks this ‘O’Donnell vs Separation of Church and State’ issue being raised by the Left and exposes their ignorance of the Constitution. He is very thorough which makes this a great lesson for everyone.

* * *

The audio clip is fifteen minutes long and can be heard at TheRightScoop. In it […]