Dems Maneuver ‘Food Safety’ Bill Toward Passage

Meredith Jessup The Blaze 12/11/2010

With their last-ditch lame-duck legislative session winding down, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives are continuing to push forward with provisions of S. 510, the so-called FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. The $1.4 billion bill would place stricter government standards on imported foods.

Supporters claim the proposed law is […]

Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening

Byron York Washington Examiner 11/15/2010

Did you know that the nation’s airports are not required to have Transportation Security Administration screeners checking passengers at security checkpoints? The 2001 law creating the TSA gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program in favor of private screeners after a two-year period. Now, with the […]