‘Why Did You Support Obama?’

D. W. Ulsterman UlstermanBooks.com 8/5/2014

THIS is what is coming in November. A salt of the earth voter asking a would-be Democrat Senator WHY she supported the man and his administration if everything they seem to be doing is killing of a critical way of life for West Virginians. The candidate in question is Natalie […]

Dem Congressman Calls Out President on VA Scandal

VA Scandal Just Another “GOP Attack On Obama?” Listen To This Black, Democratic Congressman Call Out The President

Michael Graham The Natural Truth 5/22/2014

After living in Massachusetts for eight years and watching my local Democrats injure their spinal columns carrying water for the Obama administration, this video is truly refreshing.

Congressman David Scott is […]

Peter Schiff: We Will Never Pay It Back, We Can't Pay It Back, That's Why We Raise The Debt Ceiling!

Foxmuldar 12/11/2012


H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Related: Steny Hoyer: The Debt Limit ‘Is Not Real’

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday that the debt limit is “not real” and should not be part of any negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff.

“First of all, I again would urge the Speaker not […]

The West Virginia two-step

Obama makes ‘clean coal’ a more prominent energy strategy

Doug Powers MichelleMalkin.com 5/11/2012

Being a US president on the primary ballot in a coal producing state and losing ten counties and 40 percent of the overall vote to a challenger who’s in a federal prison 1,200 miles away will prompt you to make some messaging […]

Rubio: Net-neutrality claims ‘ridiculous’

Gautham Nagesh The Hill 11/9/2011

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) punctuated several hours of Senate floor debate on net neutrality Wednesday afternoon by forcefully dismissing arguments that overturning the Federal Communications Commission’s rules would jeopardize the freedom of the Internet.

Rubio went through a litany of innovations and achievements of the technology industry in recent years, […]

FAA Shutdown Because Dems Want to Protect Pork

Capitol Confidential Big Government 8/3/2011

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has basically been shut down thanks to the Senate Democrats addition to pork. 4,000 FAA employees have been furloughed until further notice. 70,000 construction workers must now sit on their hands as all airport construction has halted. And the federal government is loosing $200million a […]