It's Not a Bug, It's The Future

Bill Whittle 10/17/2013

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…If I were shopping for health insurance, and I had tried, and failed, to log on to a web site twice – not forty times, but twice! – they would have lost my business and I would have taken my money to a competitor in the […]

Project Veritas detained while meeting former US Attorney Jim Letten

VeritasVisuals YouTube 8/26/2013

Project Veritas confronts former US Attorney Jim Letten at Tulane University, where he is now employed as a dean at the law school

Letten resigned in disgrace when his office was found attempting to manipulate open trials by disparaging the reputation of defendants on online public forums

There is reason to believe […]

Dem Senator Who Voted for ObamaCare, Stimulus Says She’s ‘Indispensable’

Jason Pye United Liberty 4/26/2013

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is likely facing a tough bid for re-election next year in a state that Mitt Romney carried by 18 points over President Barack Obama. Landrieu has eeked out wins over the past couple of cycles, but her voting record is increasingly out-of-touch with the conservative views […]

Government denies James O’Keefe permission to fly to Tampa

Tarini Parti Politico 8/28/2012

Conservative filmmaker and activist James O’Keefe wasn’t in Tampa, Fla., but the show he was supposed to headline went on as planned.

O’Keefe spoke via Skype on “the role of the citizen journalist” and took audience questions at Tuesday’s luncheon sponsored by the James Madison Institute, a Florida-based nonprofit organization.

Tanja […]

Critics Assail Salazar’s Oil-Production Statistics

Phil Taylor The New York Times 3/4/2011

Republicans and oil-state Democrats are challenging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s comments this week that oil and gas production in the United States has increased even as permitting for deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico remains at a virtual standstill.

While Interior on Monday issued the first deepwater […]

Court Document Reveals Government’s Admission That It Lacked Evidence O’Keefe, Others Intended to Commit Felony At Landrieu’s Office

Patterico via 5/28/2010

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana has filed a court document admitting that James O’Keefe did not intend to tamper with the phones at Mary Landrieu’s office, or commit any other felony.

Oh — and the good folks at the Department of Justice don’t particularly want you […]