Elizabeth Warren Struggles To Answer Basic Questions In First Presser As MA Sen-Elect

Tony Lee Breitbart.com Big Government 12 Nov 2012

Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, in her first press conference last Thursday after defeating Sen. Scott Brown, displayed a glaring lack of knowledge and confidence about the issues voters presumably elected her to solve and the campaign she had just run.

In fact, Warren, a liberal professor whose […]

Obama: 'Absolutely' No Regrets For Ignoring Economy for First Two Years


Joel B. Pollak Breitbart.com Big Government 24 Oct 2012

The Obama campaign has finally released the transcript of his endorsement interview with the Des Moines Register–and it is clear why they were reluctant to do so: the President says he has “absolutely” no regrets about ignoring the economy during the first two years […]

Elizabeth Warren’s law license problem

Maintained private law practice at Cambridge office for over a decade but not licensed in Massachusetts

William A. Jacobson Legan Insurrection 9/24/2012

The debate last Thursday night between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren covered ground mostly known to voters.

But there was one subject most people watching probably did not know about, Elizabeth Warren’s private […]

Rewriting Its Own Bad Obamacare Law

Who needs Congress when the Obama administration is ready to legislate?

Doug Bandow The American Spectator 8/22/2012

President Barack Obama won big when Congress passed his health care bill. But the administration made a serious mistake and now is trying to rewrite the law. Without going to Congress, as required by the Constitution.

The central […]

Warren slurs Scott Brown because of that (R) after his name

B. Daniel Blatt GayPatriot 8/21/2012

Yesterday, at Legal Insurrection, Anne Sorock reported that Elizabeth Warren was playing the “rape card against Scott Brown” even though the Massachusetts Senator was one of the first Republicans to criticize Todd Akin and ask the Missourian to withdraw from the Senate contest…

…To Miss Warren as to Congressman Schakowsky, […]

Elizabeth Warren Dips into FDR’s Bag of Dirty Tricks

Buying the votes of welfare recipients in most blatant way.

Burton Folsom, Jr. Anita Folsom The American Spectator 8/13/2012

“If we give you taxpayer dollars, you give us your vote. Okay?” That seems to be the message promoted by Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Massachusetts.

In an effort to stuff welfare recipients […]